Company News By: Louis Leung

Time to say goodbye

We want to let you know we’ll be shutting down Carta on July 1st, 2017.

When we started Carta, we wanted to build something that helps businesses connect to other business and make buying and selling easier. After evaluating how people were using the service, we decided to put our resources into building a Cloud version of our desktop software, inFlow Inventory.

Thank you kindly for trying Carta and supporting us all these years. We are proud to have served you during our time together and hope it had made your day a little better.

With Carta coming to an end, you may want to take your data with you. You can export your data into a CSV file by using the steps outlined here:

If you’re looking for an alternative to Carta, we have released a new product called inFlow Cloud. It’s similar to Carta in that you can manage your inventory, stock and orders (plus it comes with many more features).

You can even import the information you’ve pulled from Carta to get started. If you’d like to give it a try, please pop on over to

We hope we will cross paths again, and thank you sincerely for using Carta!

Louis Leung
Co-founder of Carta and inFlow

  • Shabab Hasib

    I am really sad to hear that the Carta is shutting down. It was a great platform, It helped me a lot in my business. I would love to see if you introduce similar platform in future. Thank you, Guys. Wish you stayed longer.