The Carta Team

Sunny Li

Siobhan Hitchmough

Prabakar Puvanathasan

Stephen Fung

Louis Leung

Brett Bergmann

Matt Kostanecki

Yun Ling

Ned Schwartz

It started with a question

Why is business done the way it is today?
Are there faster and easier ways?

We all know how tedious and time-consuming orders and inventory can be. Why type out a sales order, a shipping note, an invoice and a receipt for the exact same order? Why do you send emails back and forth with your vendors to simply reorder from them?

With these questions in mind, we re-imagined the way businesses could work. An easier, simpler, and much better way to free you from orders and inventory.

We built on our experience

Our company, Archon Systems, started in 2005 creating inFlow Inventory. It’s grown to become the world’s #1 inventory desktop software loved by thousands of businesses.

Building on the feedback and insights from inFlow’s 500,000+ users, we started developing Carta in 2010 to go beyond the desktop. After three years of development, countless cups of coffee and buckets full of love, we created something special.

Named it for freedom

The Magna Carta is a document known in history as the foundation for the freedoms and rights we enjoy today. We believe people should be free to pursue their dreams – not be tied down by orders and inventory. Carta means business freedom.

Envisioning a better world

We envision a world where businesses are connected. A world where orders and products flow seamlessly between companies. A world where professional communication happens without the noise.

Carta is the beginning of that future. Join us.

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